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Global positioning systems (GPS) have revolutionized the handheld PDA. A GPS PDA can not only keep track of your appointments, but they can also tell you how to get from one appointment to the next. They are quickly becoming one of the most popular types of PDA on the market.

Typically, a GPS PDA is a relatively simple device to use. Though they may run on different operation systems, their general functions are normally performed in much the same manner. In most cases, you simply type in the address you want to go to, and the PDA will bring up a map and a list of directions.

Because it is generally considered unsafe to look at a map and drive at the same time, most of the available GPS PDA’s on the market will offer the ability to provide audible directions. A computer-automated voice will give you directions as you drive, allowing you to concentrate on the road. These voices can be switched from male to female and into different languages in most cases.

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