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PDA Phone

The PDA phone has largely replaced the 2nd generation of cell phones. This new generation of phone incorporates a host of features that were previously unavailable. Not only that, but many of these phones are expandable, meaning that they can be used for a number of outside applications as well.

Previous to today’s PDA phone, a cell phone and a personal digital assistant were two separate devices. A PDA device was used in much the same way as a day planner, with a calendar and phone book that could be readily accessed anytime they were needed. When they were first introduced, they were considered among the most high-tech of handheld devices.

Today, the PDA phone can be seen in the hands of people everywhere. While there were originally just one or two manufacturers making these phones, most cell phone makers today have at least one model that can double as a PDA. The combination of phone, wireless internet and computer has made these devices extremely popular.


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